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WHO Experts of the Emerging and Dangerous Pathogen Laboratory Network-EDPLN began a-four-day consultative meeting in Yaounde , on Tuesday 13th April 2019.

The meeting has been organized by the World Health Organization-WHO , in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health.

The WHO officials say they are seating to “enhance networking of Public Health Reference Laboratories for prevention, preparedness, early detection, investigation and timely response of outbreak-prone diseases including high-threat infectious hazards”.

This means facilitating the early diagnosis and prevention of the outbreak of deadly diseases like Ebola , yellow fever, haemorragic fever and measles .

During the four-day seating, the laboratory experts will take measures to increase the awareness and early response to these dangerous pathogens.

The laboratory experts also intend to review the progress made by regional EDPLN offices created to improve response to these dangerous pathogens during an outbreak.

Participants from 14 National Reference Laboratories are taking part in the consultative meeting.

The host countries include ;
# Kenya
# Uganda
#South Africa
# Senegal

#Cote d’Ivoire

#Sierra Leone

# Madagascar
#Central Africa Republic
# Democratic Republic of Congo

Five other National Reference Laboratories in Liberia, Guinea, Mali, Mozambique and Rwanda have just been added to the EDPLN network .

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